Andre Iguodala has been fined $10,000 for his comments during a postgame interview following the Golden State Warriors' 103-102 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Iguodala was asked if he knew before the game that he would rest in their game the next night against the Spurs.

“Nope, no clue. I do what master say.” 

Asked about what led to the loss, Iguodala said, “We gotta score more than the other team. Yep, they want dumb n----s, so I’m going to give y’all a dumb n----.”

After the game, he tweeted “#ForTheCulture.”

Iguodala spoke with the media minutes before his fine was announced.

“It probably was the wrong time to express myself,” Iguodala said on Monday. “We all have our own opinions. We all have our own feelings. I feel like we’re entitled to them. We just try to pick and choose the time to do it and who you share it with. Because some may not understand where you’re coming from, which is to be expected. I feel like it’s the wrong time because it puts my team in the situation and my coaching staff in that situation. I have a great relationship with Steve Kerr. And he knows that. He spoke to you guys about it. But Steve in his words still may not be…someone still may not believe him. But he and I are in a great place. We don’t even have to speak about it because in no way shape or form was I talking about him.”

Kerr said he discussed the situation with Iguodala, wanted to keep that conversation private but didn’t take exception to what was said.

“He wasn’t talking about me,” Kerr said. “I wasn’t the slightest bit offended. As I mentioned the other night, he has a very cryptic sense of humor. The only thing I’d say, there’s certain humorous things you should say in the sanctity of the locker room and there’s certain humorous things you might want to keep from the media. That was one of them and he knows that.”