Stephen Curry has made just 18 of his past 76 three-pointers, a percentage of 23.7.

Curry is the fourth most accurate three-point shooter in NBA history.

“I never really use that word,” Curry said. “Because a slump to me almost (sounds) like you’re losing confidence. Obviously I’d like to shoot better, make shots, make more shots. But I woke up this morning not worrying about what’s happening the past four or five games.”

Curry was asked if this is as extended of a cold streak as he can remember enduring.

“I’m sure somebody can do some advanced analytics on that. The narrative’s different based on how I’ve been shooting. So this is different. I’m cool with that.”

Curry doesn't feel like there's anything mechanically wrong with his shot.

“It’s felt OK. There’s nothing mechanically that’s wrong. There’s nothing I’m searching or wondering about. It’s more just you get a wide open shot, you got to knock it down. It’s a make or miss league. I’m not immune to that at all either.”

Curry was also asked if he feels like any of his off-court obligations are interfering with his basketball.

“There’s a process to how I handle off-court stuff that I stick to. There’s a high demand on my time and you try to protect it at all costs. There are busier weeks than others. But my first job is to play basketball. That is my focus and my priority. Nothing trumps it when it comes to that. Pretty much from now until the end of the year, there’s not much going on.”