D'Angelo Russell was the last player Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson spoke to after practice on Thursday.

The trio talked about Russell's recent struggles and his demotion to the bench.

"It was just more of clearing up a little bit of things," Russell said at shootaround ahead of Friday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks, "as far as what they want to see from these last few games and stuff like that."

Russell was asked what Johnson and Pelinka are looking for.

"Be aggressive," Russell said. "No matter what my role is, just be aggressive."

Luke Walton recently moved Russell to the bench, starting Jordan Clarkson at point guard instead of him.

"Of course I want him to respond better," Walton said at shootaround. "I want him to be aggressive. I want him to be really aggressive, even more so right now while he's coming off the bench. That doesn't mean he's coming in to shoot every time. But aggressive as far as pushing the ball, getting in the lane, and every time he's coming off of picks and playmaking as a way to get himself more into the game quicker.

"It's completely different when you start and naturally fall into the rhythm of the game. So we're looking for him to come out and be ultra-aggressive in that role while he's in it."

Russell disagrees with the notion that he hasn't been aggressive enough lately, but he's open to feedback.

"I think I was, I guess my mentality wasn't in the right place," Russell said. "I wasn't really making shots. I didn't create for others, either.

"It's just new, being in the position I was in, finding the openings. [They] are all in foreign positions for me."