LeBron James apologized to Tristan Thompson for showing him up over a blown coverage on Paul George during the final minute of the Cleveland Cavaliers' win over the Indiana Pacers.

"I had good intentions but I was a little bit too demonstrative at that point in the game," James said.

"I can't show up my teammates, that's for sure, especially Double T worked hard for our team, he's a big-time player for our team so I had good intentions of what I wanted to happen, but the way it came out was ... it didn't look good on TV."

Thompson and James yelled at each other when they returned to the bench after Kevin Love's three-pointer. Thompson eventually stormed off to the scorer's table during the rest of the timeout.

Thompson remained clearly upset after the game.

"We're family," Thompson said. "Little miscommunication in the huddle. Move forward. Move forward. We're family. Got each other's back always. Move forward."