When Rob Pelinka was hired by the Los Angeles Lakers, there were no reports on the type of contract he signed while leaving his lucrative agency business.

While discussing the contract status of David Griffin with the Cleveland Cavaliers on the TrueHoop Podcast, Brian Windhorst talked about the major contracts recently being signed by NBA general managers and provided a number and length of years he heard on the contract Pelinka may have signed.

"Over the last few months, there's been some general managers get some really good contracts," said Windhorst. "Masai Ujiri signed a very lucrative contract extension in Toronto after getting them to the Conference Finals.

"Rob Pelinka got a very, I heard a five-year contract worth more than $20 million."

"Well it had to be," said Tim MacMahon. "He still left money on the table with what he was making as an agent."