The Orlando Magic never established the "smart, physical, unselfish, defensive-minded” identity Rob Hennigan expected them to have this season.

The Magic tried to play two big men together.

Frank Vogel sees the Magic now as a “small-ball team that plays up-tempo and does a lot of switching and swarming.”

The Magic have moved Aaron Gordon from small forward to power forward.

“I think the biggest thing it depends on is the power forward position,” Vogel said Wednesday. “What’s your best power forward’s identity? If it’s LaMarcus Aldridge, you’re going to be a big, pound-it-in-the-post team. If it’s Aaron Gordon, you’re going to be an up-tempo, run-the-floor team. It depends mostly on that, I think. But this is how most of the league is playing right now. So if you’re going to try to play big, you’ve got to do it with basically an All-Star-level power forward or you’re going to struggle.”

Gordon clearly fits better offensively at power forward.

“We’ll see what the roster looks like next year,” Vogel said. “You have to create your style of play based on what your roster looks like. But there’s definitely a feeling that what we’ve done the second part of the season has the development of our young guys and this group going in the right direction.”