Kelly Olynyk has the mind of a small forward in the body of a center.

Olynyk never played true center until reaching the NBA and his occasionally awkward play has led to several high profile issues. 

“I mean, I don’t think I’m a dirty player; my teammates don’t think I’m a dirty player,” he said. “It’s basketball. It happens. You have to train. You have to box out. You have to do things but it’s not something to focus on, you just go out and play the next game.”

Olynyk's latest issue was when he set a hard screen on Kelly Oubre. Previously, Olynyk has had issues with Hassan Whiteside and Kevin Love.

“I don’t know why [Oubre] reacted like that,” Isaiah Thomas said. “Especially to Kelly. Kelly’s not trying to make anybody mad. Not to put anything on Kelly, but he’s just not like that. I guess you can pick and choose who you want to do that to.”