Mike D'Antoni admitted he may rethink how much rest James Harden receives during the regular season.

Harden missed only one game during the regular season and logged 2,947 minutes, which was third in the NBA. Harden appeared to be worn out at the end of the Western Conference Semifinals.

"All great players think they can do everything," D'Antoni said. "Maybe he does need to take a game off here and there. 'Hey, you're nicked up a little bit, don't play, maybe.' Something to talk about, but that's also his greatness, too. So it's hard. It's very delicate.

"And again, I feel so sorry for him because he's had an unbelievable [season]. I mean, he's had a historic year, and you can't just say, 'OK, one game ...' and all of the sudden, social media goes crazy. ... But he will get better. We will talk about it. I can help him. The offense will get better. I can get him off the ball some. I can save his legs a little bit and have more confidence [in other ball handlers]. Pat Beverley can run the team a little bit. We can do different things."