Several agents are considering holding their draft prospects out of workouts with the Boston Celtics.

With a deep roster at every position, agents are concerned their clients would have to spend the first few seasons of their career coming off the bench. Most agents and players seek opportunities where they can immediately lead a franchise. 

Jaylen Brown was picked third overall and had an inconsistent role with the Celtics as a rookie.

The Celtics will have no worse than the fourth overall pick in the June draft.

"I have deep respect for the Celtics," one agent said. "They may have the best GM and head coach in the league. But I'd have to understand what the plan would be for my client before I let them come. They are loaded at every position. There's a real danger that they take a player and either he plays a limited role of the bench, or he becomes an asset to be traded to a situation that we're uncomfortable with. It's tough."