Brad Stevens acknowledged the strength of the how the Cleveland Cavaliers built their roster around LeBron James following the Boston Celtics' Game 1 loss.

"This is a perfect roster with regard to how many predicaments they can put you in with all the shooting around (LeBron James)," Stevens said.

Cleveland has surrounded James with excellent perimeter shooters over his three years back with the franchise.

The Cavaliers have yet to lose in the postseason.

"You never want to double when you have that much shooting because eventually... they're going to find a good shot," Stevens said. "If not, they're going to get the rebound. How do you not pay extra close attention to the best player in the world (James)? With the way Kyrie has scored the ball on the biggest stage, and over and over and over with his ability, there's another one you have to react to over and over. So, there's all kinds of issues with defending them."

Cleveland general manager David Griffin, who assembled the roster, is without a contract next season.