The Golden State Warriors were close to trading for Kevin Garnett in 2007 before the Minnesota Timberwolves eventually dealt him to the Boston Celtics. The Warriors were coming off a first round upset of the Dallas Mavericks and were one of the NBA's most compelling teams.

"After the playoff series with Utah, we had a nice group but we were trying to figure out a way to bridge the gap," said Chris Mullin. "We had a deal. Kevin Garnett was getting ready to move and I think he was being very selective. But at one point, he liked our situation.

"The exact deal was probably going to be more Minnesota's choice. We had Monta (Ellis), Andris (Biedrins), the pick itself, Jason (Richardson), Baron (Davis). We felt whatever combination they took, we had enough.

"It got really, really close, but it was vetoed.

"For us, it was more of a way to keep that success going than be a one hit wonder."

Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell vetoed the Warriors' trade for Garnett for financial reasons.

"At that time financially, they weren't willing to go there," said Mullin.

The Warriors won 48 games during the next seasons but missed out on the playoffs. Davis signed with the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2009 offseason to make the We Believe team short lived.