If LeBron James ultimately decides to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, a factor could his "still-rocky relationship with Dan Gilbert," according to a source.

James can become a free agent in 2018.

Last week during a segment on Uninterrupted, James talked about how Gilbert's infamous letter reacting to his departure to the Miami Heat in 2010 still weighs on his close circle. James had to convince his family that returning to the Cavaliers was the right decision despite the continued presence of Gilbert.

“Our owner, at the time when I left [Cleveland in 2010], decided to put out an article that we all know about, where he completely … disrespected not only me as an individual, but disrespected my name,” James said in the video. “When I decided to go back … my mom and wife were like, ‘I ain’t with that.’”

During the 16-17 season, James questioned the Cavaliers' commitment to winning as they were slow to upgrade their roster around him.