Stephen Curry is expected to sign a five-year, $205 million contract in free agency. Curry qualifies for the supermax after winning MVP in two of the past three seasons.

"It would mean everything [to stay together]," Curry said. "What we've built here is truly special. It's unique, it's something that you don't want to see end at all. All the pieces that we have are important to the equation of winning a championship and competing for a championship every single year. So, it is a business. There are decisions that need to be made every single year, and you have to assess the situation as it is."

Curry said before the season started that he spoke with Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson about the importance of sacrificing personal accolades for the betterment of the nucleus, with the understanding that money might be sacrificed, as well.

"You don't want anybody to have to sacrifice in that sense," Curry said. "You don't force anybody to have to take that approach, but at the end of the day, we know what's best for us as a group going forward and we're going to do whatever we can to keep this team together. So, I'll have that mindset, KD's going to have that mindset."