Stephen Curry will be a free agent this offseason and is widely expected to re-sign with the Golden State Warriors on a five-year, $205 million contract. 

Steve Kerr has snubbed Curry twice in the past week, first by declaring on the Zach Lowe Podcast that Kevin Durant is the Warriors' best player and then forgetting to mention him during his parade speech on Thursday.

Kerr was told by wife that he forgot to mention Curry during his speech.

“Steph, I’m so embarrassed,” Kerr told Curry. “I forgot to talk about you. You’re not that important to the team anyway.”

Fans of the Warriors are concerned by Kerr forgetting to praise Curry.

“As they should be,” Kerr said on a phone interview from his home in San Diego. “It was a horrible oversight. What he means to the franchise, I should’ve finished with up with him. How in the hell could I forget Steph Curry?

“What I should’ve done is gone back up there and grabbed the mic. What I would’ve said, what I should’ve said, is he makes this whole thing work. Everything revolves around him. The whole culture revolves not only his talent, his unselfishness, but his joy.”

Kerr said he and Curry have an “unbreakable bond and was certain Curry didn’t take issue with being left out of his impromptu speech.

“It was just a stupid oversight. Not on my game,” Kerr said. “My wife said, ‘You’re the guy who forgot to thank his spouse at the Academy Awards.’ She’s right. He’s the person most responsible for what we’ve built, and I didn’t thank him.”