The New York Knicks are attempting to part ways with Carmelo Anthony but there is an alternate scenario in which they pursue Chris Paul in free agency selling him on Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. 

"Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony should have been walking arm in arm to go greet Chris Paul for free agency," said Adrian Wojnarowski. "There's an opportunity to get Chris Paul on this market. He may stay in L.A. and part of it might be because there's nowhere else that makes perfect sense that is worth giving up the money for, but he may go. New York should have been in the Chris Paul conversation.

"Whatever you think of Carmelo, he's extremely popular with that elite group of players.

"I think Phil has done such a disservice to the chances the Knicks have of getting involved with anybody. Carmelo is a cautionary tale of why you don't want to go there."