Carmelo Anthony said he is now "at peace" with his future amid continuing trade talks between the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets.

“You know I can’t comment about all that,” Anthony said about his desire to be traded to the Rockets.

With Scott Perry becoming general manager of the Knicks, he wants to revisit his wish list of teams he'd accept a trade to.

“I’ve talked to him,’’ Anthony said. “We’ve communicated. I’ve known Scott for maybe 10 years. I’ve known him for a while back to his Detroit days, the draft, 2003, all that. I’ve reminded him of [bypassing me].’’

Anthony also commented on Phil Jackson's dismissal from the Knicks.

“I thought it was a business decision,’’ Anthony said. “[James] Dolan’s got to run his organization.”

Anthony also said the past 12 months have featured highs and lows.

“An emotional roller coaster, an emotional roller coaster,’’ Anthony said. “But I had to find peace. I had to come to peace with myself and come to peace with kind of the situation I’m in and kind of try to find happiness. I kind of lost that a little bit, but I’m finding it now and it feels good.”