Russell Westbrook has been eligible to sign a contract extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder since July 1st, but no deal has been agreed upon yet. Westbrook can sign a deal that would pay $207 million over five years.

Westbrook agreed upon an extension last offseason with a player option for the 2018 offseason that he expected to extend him to the 10-year veteran max at 35 percent of the cap. Due to the NBA's new rules on a supermax contract, Westbrook can sign for 35 percent of the cap this summer.

Oklahoma City's offer remains on the table and sources say Westbrook hasn't delivered an official answer either way, according to sources.

The difference in contract length would be the same if Westbrook signs this offseason or next, but he could sign a deal with an earlier out if he waits for 2018.

The Thunder aren't considering a trade of Westbrook if he doesn't sign an extension this offseason and there's been no murmurs from anyone close to him that he's considering signing elsewhere in 2018.