Jahlil Okafor has lost approximately 20 pounds since the start of training camp in 2016 by following a "mostly vegan" diet.

Okafor has cut out dairy but occasionally eats fish.

“I’ve cut out dairy, so that’s cheese, chocolate, stuff like that,” Okafor said. “But every now and then I still might eat some fish.”

Okafor is hoping he can stay healthy this season.

“I feel lighter, I feel great,” he said. “I’ve been taking my body seriously, my health seriously, what I eat very seriously. So I think it’s going to pay off.”

Okafor's future with the Philadelphia 76ers is uncertain due to the presence of Joel Embiid and Richaun Holmes.

“I’m not sure [of my role],” Okafor said. “We haven’t had all the guys together yet. ... When we all start training camp, we’ll all figure that out."