During Rodney Hood's exit meeting after the Utah Jazz were eliminated from the playoffs, Dennis Lindsey spoke candidly about becoming a better player.

Hood is entering a contract year and was asked to get to the free throw line more often and become a more efficient scorer.

“He told me the truth,” Hood said. “He said he wanted me to get better and to prepare myself for a bigger role.”

“There were a lot of challenges we gave Rodney,” Lindsey said. “What he needs to be doing, his commitment level to his development. And he’s responded this summer. He’s going to be given a prominent role, and his development will be significant to us.”

Hood stayed in Salt Lake City for most of the offseason.

“In general, we feel like we can help players get better, and now we have a track record,” Lindsey said. “Guys know that if they are doing what’s needed in-house, they have a base to improve.”