K.J. McDaniels became a free agent this past offseason after the Brooklyn Nets declined their team option on his deal.

McDaniels ultimately signed with the Toronto Raptors where he'll fill the role previously occupied by P.J. Tucker.

"It was amazing to get a call from Toronto because I was always a big Vince Carter fan, a big DeMar DeRozan fan, and I like the way they play," said McDaniels. "This is a team that’s already amazing, already a contender. It’s an amazing opportunity. I feel like I can bring defense, energy and a lot of athleticism. I want to provide a big spark coming off of the bench. I take a lot of pride in my defense; I’m going to be a flea, a tick, when I’m out there. I’ll challenge shots and be aggressive."

McDaniels will give the Raptors defense off the bench.

"Most definitely," said McDaniels about filling Tucker's role. "I can guard some of the main scorers from other teams, which can take that load off of DeMar and Kyle Lowry. They’re great defenders too, but I definitely want to be that guy who can take that load off of them and let them really get busy [scoring the ball]. I feel like I can match up with anyone, including those high-caliber guys. I have that confidence in myself. It’s a challenge, but I love it. I know guarding those guys will keep making me a better defender. I just try to make each basket really hard for those guys. When you’re on a team with multiple All-Stars, you have to find ways to make plays and I think I can contribute by challenging those guys.