Chris Paul has no concerns about how he will operate alongside James Harden despite the fact both players typically have the ball in their hands.

“I hate to say this, but somebody who says that, they obviously don’t watch enough,” Paul told The Vertical.

“Somebody will say, ‘ball-dominant,’ but at the end of the day, you’re called on to do what your team needs you to do. If you’re a 3-point shooter, and the coach puts you in to shoot 3-pointers, are you going to say, ‘He’s just a 3-point shooter?’ The thing is, having the ability to have a guy who can create off the dribble and stuff like that is nice. And great.”

Paul was ready for a change from the Los Angeles Clippers, choosing to orchestrate an opt-in and trade deal to the Houston Rockets.

“It was definitely time for a change. It was definitely time for a change,” Paul said.