DeMarcus Cousins scored 41 points and 23 rebounds in his first game back in Sacramento as the New Orleans Pelicans had a 114-106 comeback win over the Kings.

Cousins was traded to the Pelicans in February by the Kings. Cousins was drafted by Sacramento in 2010.

"It was pretty emotional," Cousins said. "I was super nervous coming in. The anticipation was like through the roof. I really couldn't wait for the ball to go up and we could just actually get to the basketball part."

A video and highlight tribute to Cousins played on the scoreboard during a first-quarter timeout as he was formally welcomed back.

"I loved it," Cousins said. "I've got nothing but love for this city. I came here as a kid and left as a man. As I stated many times, I've got people here I consider family. These fans have been great to me throughout the years."