While the 2017 NBA draft class has tremendous depth, the 2018 class has more franchise player potential prospects in Luka Doncic, Michael Porter Jr., Marvin Bagley and DeAndre Ayton.

“Any one of them in the top four next year would have gone first in this year’s draft,” one longtime NBA scout told The Undefeated. “That’s not a knock on this year’s draft, nor is it saying it wasn’t good. It had a lot of depth in it, more than next year will. There is no one in this year’s draft that could be a franchise player, but there is a couple in next year’s draft.”

Porter enters his freshman season at Missouri as the highest rated college basketball prospect.

“High skill level as a passer and a shooter for a guy his size," said an NBA scout. "Superb ball handler in the open floor. Possesses an above-average basketball IQ. The game comes easy to him, which allows him to make it easy for others.”