Nikola Mirotic is likely to make his season debut on Friday and he appears to be moving on emotionally from his camp fight with Bobby Portis.

“I’m not angry at anyone,” Mirotic said. “I’m doing fine with myself. My family is great. There’s nothing to be angry about now. It’s all over. It’s a new beginning.”

Mirotic suffered a concussion and two broken facial bones.

Mirotic and Portis will attempt to remain professional while they remain teammates. Mirotic and Portis exchanged fist bumps during Wednesday's game.

Fred Hoiberg is pleased with where Mirotic is mentally.

“All he has talked about is the team,” Hoiberg said. “He wanted to be out there for them in practice. He wanted to be on the bench during the game supporting them. And then once he is ready to play again, he talked about doing whatever it takes to get us going and get the team a win.”