While it is still early, the Houston Rockets have worked Chris Paul into their backcourt with James Harden and Eric Gordon exceptionally well.

The Rockets have yet to lose a game in which Paul has played.

While the Rockets have a net rating of plus-4.8 in the 149 minutes when Harden and Paul have played together, their individual net ratings have skyrocketed from the time spent taking turns (16.1 for Paul, 13.2 for Harden). 

 “I knew that Chris and (shooting guard) Eric (Gordon), or James and Eric, in the time that they’re together, would arguably be one of the best backcourts in the league – Eric is that good,” Mike D’Antoni said. “And so, we start with that. And then it’s, ‘Ok, when they’re not on, it’s James and Chris. Can they do it?’

“It’s been seamless, (even though) I thought there might be some bumps. But because of their willingness, and their knowledge of the game and their willingness to share the ball, and Chris and James both willing to be the sidekick for a play or two, then it’s worked out quicker than expected…. It’s worked out better than our wildest dreams.”