The Dallas Mavericks lead the NBA in home attendance rate at 102.8 percent of capacity, but have the league's worst road attendance rate.

The average attendance when Dallas plays on the road is just 86 percent of capacity. 

The Mavericks have sold out every home game since Dec. 15, 2001. One way the Mavericks have kept the streak going is by donating unsold tickets to charity.

“It’s far more important to me to build a fan base for the future,” Mark Cuban said in an email. “And the best way to do that is to get people to a game.”

Cuban said the sellout streak is not that important to him.

“For slow games, we will use our community service group to proactively invite groups to a game,” Cuban said. If a game doesn’t sell out on its own, the Mavs can donate the remaining tickets and still call it out a sellout. “Tickets are perishable,” Cuban said. “We feel like having a seat full with a young fan creates a Mavericks fan for life. It’s an investment in building our future fan base.”