Kristaps Porzingis missed the Knicks' win over Carmelo Anthony and the Thunder due to lingering discomfort in his injured left knee.

Porzingis worked out prior to the game to test the injury and met with the team's medical staff before tipoff.

"I think he just wasn't feeling exactly right on some of his moves," Jeff Hornacek said. "So after talking with the doctors, we just felt that we'll keep him out ... They'll continue to work on it. He felt better, he seemed like he was almost ready to go today. So hopefully he progresses in the next day-and-a-half."

Porzingis twisted his left knee when he received the ball on the post in Thursday's game.

"I felt my knee buckle a little bit, and I felt a little pain there. So it's more about being cautious," Porzingis said Thursday night. "I had a little shock pain there, and that's it."