The Oklahoma City Thunder celebrated their recent road wins at Indiana and Philadelphia, but a somber mood returned after they lost at the Knicks on Saturday.

Both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are adjusting to different roles with the Thunder.

"We've never had chemistry problems. We like, and enjoy, playing with one another. It's never been a chemistry problem," George said. "We've just got to figure out how to do so, but there's never been chemistry problems with this group. We've embraced this since we came together that this was going to be a journey for us, and that's where we're at. We're within the thick of this journey right now."

"It is a different situation for me? Yes. Different dynamic for me? Yes," Anthony said. "Something I have to accept. Something I'm working on every day as far as my role on this team, what we need from me in order for this team to be successful. But this is, for me and the team, it's about big picture for us. It's a bigger picture. That's my goal and not be disappointed or get down when a game or two don't go your way or shots are not falling ,because our goal is a bigger picture."