Enes Kanter was expected to opt into the final season of his contract at $18.4 million but the decision is now a bit more difficult with how well he's played with the New York Knicks.

The Thunder essentially considered Kanter a salary dump in adding Carmelo Anthony.

"It's always on my mind," Kanter told the Daily News. "But the season is going really well right now. It's just a contract. I think people worry about it too much and it gets into their head.

"People think about it too much and then it affects them, it affects their game, it affects their whole team. When the season is over, that's the time to think about it."

Kanter isn't currently represented by an agent.

The Knicks have not yet discussed the opt-in with Kanter.

Kanter is unlikely to receive a deal with an annual average as high as his $18.4 million salary but he could receive longer term security.