While beating the Warriors is the only thing the Rockets think about, it isn't reciprocated on Golden State's end so far.

"It's no disrespect, but we're not coming in every day saying we're just thinking about Houston," said Kevin Durant. "We know how great they are. We know it's a team that's going to be contending for a title along with us and couple other teams. But we're focusing on ourselves right now."

Draymond Green said the Rockets are just one of many threats to the Warriors.

"Every team's a threat," Green said. "You can lose to anybody."

The Rockets defeated the Warriors on opening night and they meet again on Thursday.

"You've got San Antonio, you've got Houston, you've got Boston, you've got Cleveland obviously, you've got OKC who I think is tough. ... You've got Minnesota," Durant told ESPN. "The great thing about this game is it's a matter of movement. Players can move and, boom, you're a contender. [Chris Paul] comes over there, and it changes the whole [Houston] franchise around. You've got to love it."

"My viewpoint as far as them making moves for us, I respect that," Green told ESPN. "The goal is to win a championship, and if you're not trying to win a championship, then what are you doing it for?

"So I respect that they're trying to make moves being that we're the defending champions. But I'm not going into Game 39 of the season talking about we got to beat the Houston Rockets because they've made moves to beat us. It's just another game, and we'll try to get better like we do every game."