Serge Ibaka and James Johnson were ejected from Tuesday's game following a physical exchange in which they each threw a punch.

Johnson's appeared to throw a punch at Ibaka's jaw, while Ibaka's punch was at Johnson's chest.

“It was a physical moment. We were both trying to be physical. We overdid it,” Ibaka told The Athletic after the game. “In the moment, sometimes you cannot control (your emotions). But I did the best I could to not really punch him in the face, to not really throw a punch. Because the moment (we shoved each other) it was too late, I got ejected. I did my best to not to punch, to not throw a punch in the face. I tried the best I can. I’ve been there before. It can cost you two, three games suspension. I tried my best I could to avoid that.

“I hope the league can see I did that I didn’t punch him in the face and I didn’t deserve a suspension.”