While many have made the argument that market size isn't as big of a factor as it was for NBA players in the past, Damian Lillard talked about how it has impacted his All-Star Game voting.

"I think it's a million things that say that's not true," Lillard replied. "I think for me personally, I don't think market size matters as much as it used to because of social media and all that stuff. I have a signature shoe that does well. I got a social media following; there's a lot of people following my music. There's a lot of things that I've been able to be successful at while playing in a small market because of social media. But I still think playing in a big market, there's a difference in a big market and a small market. That's just the way it will always be. You can't look at Memphis and New York City and say, 'Oh, well, if you're a star, you're a star.'"

But Lillard is committed to the Blazers and wants to become their best player in franchise history.

"That speaks to me, because when you think of the Mavericks, you think of Dirk (Nowitzki)," said Lillard. "You had a lot of people that came through there, but he's been there. I think what he's meant to that organization is huge. The same thing with Tim Duncan. He represents the Spurs. That's the name that comes up. And for the Trail Blazers, I want to be the best Trail Blazer ever. And when people talk about this franchise, I want them to talk about me. I want to be what people think of first when they talk about the Portland Trail Blazers."