During an ESPN telecast of the 76ers and Thunder last week, announcer Mark Jones said Brett Brown disclosed in a production meeting that Markelle Fultz has “psychosomatic effects” with his shooting. 

Fultz responded on Twitter, writing “You really can’t trust  NO ONE!!!”

Brown denied the characterization shared by Jones.

“I was completely misquoted,” Brown said. “There was no reference to any of that. I’ve spoken to ESPN this morning. They’re very apologetic.

“Markelle Fultz’s injury has been well documented. I have talked about this hundreds and hundreds of times.”

According to Brown, there are times when Fultz still feels pain when rising up to shoot jumpers. 

“Last night’s erroneous reporting was disappointing,” he said, calling it “a poor choice of words. That was admitted. We move on.”

Brown said he doesn’t begrudge Fultz for feeling that way due to “hearing that type of reporting.”

“He knows the organization,” Brown said. “He knows me. It doesn’t require much more to be said than that. We have a responsibility to help him. I think any time there’s a poor choice of words like there was last night, do you blame him?”