Steve Kerr sees the Warriors as suffering from fatigue as the All-Star break is two weeks away.

The All-Star Game is later this year in addition to the regular season starting earlier.

"Hell yeah," Kerr said. "Guys are dying to get to the All-Star break. We're limping to the finish line of the All-Star break. But we've got to fight through it to the break and then we need to get the hell away from each other and go sit on a beach and relax and then we'll be in great shape."

The Warriors have six more games before the All-Star break.

"I was hoping you were going to say [the All-Star Game is] tomorrow," Kerr joked.

"... It's painful obviously that our guys are mentally fried right now," Kerr said. "So it's a good job to just get a win. ... Our guys are tired mentally, emotionally. So we just got to fight through, get to the break and rejuvenate."

Said Green: "I think every team in the NBA is looking at the All-Star break, wishing it was tomorrow. It's that time of year. You're right there, you know it's right there, but yet, you just can't quite grab it. So I think everybody is looking forward to that, but you just got to win."