The Portland Trail Blazers are not considering a trade of C.J. McCollum heading into the deadline, according to a source.

McCollum has been linked to a trade involving the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kevin Love.

"It's a tough situation to be in," McCollum said. "I always tell people ... imagine you show up to work every day and there's rumors about you being traded from your job to another job in another city Every day. And imagine that it actually happens. But you find out the same time everybody else finds out. And you've got kids or you've got a wife, whatever the case may be. Maybe you bought a house. And now you're traded and you have to move to another city. And it's out of your control. Literally out of your control. So it's a tough situation to be in, but a part of the business."

McCollum hopes the Blazers stand pat at the deadline entirely.

"I like the team that we have," McCollum said. "Obviously it's (the team's) decision to try to decide how we can get better from here, whether that be through trade, free agency, draft ... or internal development. But I like the team that we have. I think we're growing, continuing to find ways to get better and improving."