Jeff Hornacek indicated that Joakim Noah won't return to the New York Knicks in the near future.

"We've moved on. He's ready to move on and maybe have an opportunity somewhere else," Hornacek said.

Noah will remain away from the Knicks indefinitely. Noah's return will be up to Steve Mills and Scott Perry.

The Knicks were unable to trade Noah at the trade deadline and have shown no desire to waive him.

Noah is not yet open to discussing a buyout with the Knicks.

"That's something that happened three weeks ago, four weeks ago. We handled that thing with Jo," he said. "It's not finalized because he's still on the roster. We've dealt with that situation. There's really nothing more to say about it."

Hornacek and Noah had to be physically separated during a practice in late January.

"Things happen in practice, happen in meetings, happen in all kind of stuff," he said. "We've dealt with that and that's the end of it from us."

The National Basketball Players Association has said that it is "closely monitoring" the situation between Noah and the Knicks to ensure the player "is treated fairly under the rules of our collective bargaining agreement."