Steve Kerr has compared the 17-18 Warriors to the 97-98 Bulls in terms of how they're suffering from fatigue after multiple trips to The Finals.

“1996 was the 72-win team,” Kerr said. “Then, '97 we picked up where we left off, won 69 and it just never felt like we hit a wall. We had some injuries, maybe some speed bumps, but it never felt like we hit a wall.

“We hit a wall in '98. You could feel it, exactly what I'm talking about (right now with the Warriors), you could feel us losing focus, losing momentum.”

The Warriors don't have the same things to prove as they did last season when they had to bounce back from blowing a 3-1 lead while also incorporating Kevin Durant onto the roster.

“By far the most needed break for any team I've ever been a part of — GM, coach, player, however many years that is,” Kerr said. “I've never felt a situation like this where it felt so necessary to get away for a little bit.”

Kerr recently allowed his players to coach a blowout win over the Suns.

“It's a team-wide thing, but stars always set the tone,” Kerr said. “There's a reason they get the most money. They have the biggest impact on winning and losing. When we're locked in at the beginning of games, it shows. There's no coincidence that when we've been in this bad stretch the last month, we're losing first quarters night after night. It sets a tone.”