Robert Sarver had an extensive interview with the Arizona Republic discussing the Suns' season and their plans for the offseason as they rebuild.

"I think a lot of this year was about development of some of our younger players," said Sarver. "I think that’s been a lot of our focus. I think you’ve seen some of them progress during the season, some more than others. We’re going to add another really good young player. I think we’re in a position where we can turn the corner, but if we don’t execute properly in terms of free agency and we don’t develop the players and we don’t execute in terms of our draft, then it’s going to be another tough year. So I think it’s a year of opportunity, but a year for us to step up and make some good decisions."

Sarver was asked if the upcoming offseason will be especially critical for the Suns.

"I think so. Our younger players need confidence," said Sarver. "I think there’s a fine line between coming in a game feeling confident you can win and not feeling confident you can win. I think maybe we can add a piece or two next season with some leadership and some experience and some winning and some grit that can help turn that confidence level with some of our younger players. So this offseason is going to be about adding some of that confidence and leadership, and at the same time to get some of our younger players to take a meaningful step forward. I think you’ve seen that a little bit this year. Obviously, Devin (Booker) has shown he’s capable of playing at an All-Star level and can be one of the pillars of the franchise moving forward. The second half of this season for Josh (Jackson) has shown what we saw when we drafted him. At times you’ve seen Marquese (Chriss) and Dragan (Bender) show what they can do, but the two of them haven’t been consistent enough."