With James Harden likely to win MVP this season, the Oklahoma City Thunder will have had three future MVPs on their team that reached the 2012 Finals.

"It's his turn. Just give it to him," said Durant of Harden. "It's his time to win it. They're playing on another level — 60-point triple-double, first seed in the West, in the league, playing great ball. It's his time."

Durant won MVP in 2014 while Russell Westbrook won in 2017.

Oklahoma City broke up that trio by trading Harden to the Rockets in 2012. It is difficult to foresee how that trio would have developed if they were kept together.

"I don't think we would've all been MVPs, obviously," said Durant. "The game of basketball, you can't. James is the MVP because he has the ball in his hands most of the time and can create for everyone else.

"He was doing that for OKC, but he was doing it maybe a quarter and a half of the game, I may have been doing it half of a quarter, Russ may do it for two quarters. So you can't really see the full repertoire when you got so many guys on your team that are good.

"But I think it speaks volumes that you could still see the greatness of James, Russ, myself when we were playing together. It showed that we were selfless basketball players and we wanted each other to play well.

"If you see the skill when you got so many good players on your team, you can foreshadow, oh, this guy could be really good down the line.

"You saw that with James. You saw he had 40 off the bench against Phoenix. He was Sixth Man of the Year. Had 40 off the bench against Phoenix, not easy, shooting like 17 shots.

"You seen Russ get a 49-point triple-double with me and James on the floor. You seen me get a 50-point game when I was on the floor with those two.

"There were times when it was just like: “Go ahead.” There were times when me and Russ were like, 'It's your show, James, go ahead and run it.' Same with me and Russ. It was, “Hey, Russ, run the team.” Or, “Hey, KD, go score for us at the end of the game.”

"That's an underrated part. You hear a lot about all of us, personality-wise, but you don't hear much about how we cared for each other, wanted each other to do well."