The Golden State Warriors could expedite a reshuffling of their roster if they don't reach The Finals this season. With the injury to Stephen Curry and the emergence of the Rockets, the Warriors face their biggest challenge in the Western Conference since emerging during the 14-15 season.

“I think there's more unknown anywhere when you don't win — whether you got the 30th highest payroll in the league or the highest,” Draymond Green told The Athletic. “But I don't think about that. It's on them.”

Curry is already signed for four more seasons while Kevin Durant will be a free agent this offseason and could push for a four-year max. The Warriors want Curry and Durant to open up their new arena in 2019 without question.

The futures of Klay Thompson and Green are less certain.

Thompson will be a free agent in 2019 but could sign an extension this offseason.

“He's not low-maintenance,” Kerr has said of Klay. “He's no-maintenance.”

Green has two seasons left on his deal and could be the more attractive player for both the Warriors to trade and for a team to acquire.

“I don't need a stage to remind people who I am defensively,” Green said. “They know. That's why they try to get me away from their actions. I don't need to remind everybody of that. I fuck up enough people's offenses for them to get reminded.”

Green delivered a warning to the front office on breaking up their core.

“To think you are going to win a championship every year is unrealistic,” Green told The Athletic. “We all say the Spurs is the model franchise of the last 20, 25 years, right? Most people would say that.

“Well, they've never won back-to-back. Yet, the guys who won a championship, other than the guys who have retired, are still there. So you can fool yourself and think, 'Oh, we didn't win it this year, time to break it up,' and you may never get that opportunity back again.

Green paused for a second before continuing.

“That's on them,” Green continued. “I don't know. And to be honest with you, I don't care. That's not my worry. My worry is to go out there and try to perform every day, bring what I can bring. All that business stuff, I have an agent for him to handle that and they can do their job.”