The Los Angeles Lakers will not panic during the 2018 offseason if they are unable to land their preferred free agent targets. The Lakers could roll their cap space over to the 2019 class, which could include Kawhi Leonard and Klay Thompson.

"I don't look at July 2018 as the litmus test of success," Rob Pelinka said. "I think that there is a theme, a strategy, that you can see in history that is not going to be just defined by one moment. That will be the next point of time to see what happens, but there is a strong trend of success in our players and how the team is being managed that is going to continue going forward regardless of what specifically happens in July of 2018."

"We are not going to give money away just to say we signed somebody," Magic Johnson said. "We are not going to do that."

In order for the Lakers to maximize their cap space, they would have to waive and stretch Luol Deng, and rescind the qualifying offer to Julius Randle.