Kevin Durant carried the Warriors' offense in the first half of their Game 2 win over the Spurs as they were taken out of their normal flow.

“I thought in the first half they took us off everything, and so our default when we are not running our offense is go to KD, because he's our best player,” Steve Kerr said.

“I give them credit for taking us out of our offense. You know, we got disjointed there. But I thought we did a much better job in the second half. We only had four turnovers and the ball started to move, and I thought we just stayed with it.”

Durant was asked if he takes pride in scoring a quiet 32 points.

“Yeah, I mean I'm not a big screamer anymore,” Durant said. “I don't beat my chest anymore. So after every shot, I just run down the court and get back on defense. I can make it a loud 32 if I really wanted to, I guess, but that would take a lot of energy out of me.

“I'm not really flashy with how I play anymore. I just try to look for the best shot and be simple and easy with my game  I guess fly under the radar a little bit. But I'm glad I can put points on the board for our team and try to help our team as much as I can.”