Stephen Curry has played in three games since returning from his sprained MCL and he is getting increasingly comfortable.

“Every time I get subbed out I’m kind of pissed off, really, to be honest with you,” Curry said.

Draymond Green's eyes widened and his head nodded as he overheard Curry's comments about when Steve Kerr takes him out, which is likely a signal of it being an issue.

“Just ’cause I feel like I have a little bit more in the tank,” Curry said. “But Coach is making the calls, trying to keep the right rotations in and what not, save me from myself a little bit. But as long as I have the mindset when I’m out there, like I said, just play hard, do what I expect myself to do, help my teammates out there on the floor, it will all start to click more consistently.”

Curry feels like he's getting close to being all the way back.

“As long as I’m out there just playing hard,” he said, “the timing, the endurance and all that stuff will come back. Been working really hard at it.”