During the middle of The Finals, Tim Kawakami asked several prominent NBA reporters about the pending free agent decision of LeBron James this July.

"I think there's been an expectation going back to last summer that he was obviously seriously going to look elsewhere, but you remember, Cleveland can still pay him the most and if he wants to do that five-year, $200 million supermax deal, if he wants to do that to take him into his late thirties, it's the only place he can do that," said Adrian Wojnarowski. "I just think right now for him there's not an obvious choice. 

"The Lakers are intriguing and if he can get Paul George to partner up with him, or go there this year and chase another star next year or via trade. The Lakers could be very, very good, but I don't think there's anybody who thinks they're a better team than the Warriors, or that they would even be a better team than Houston.

"I just think, in the end, what's important to him. Is it his legacy in Cleveland? Is it making the most here? Staying in the East?

"One GM of one of the better teams in the West said, 'you know, Boston, there was a time you just stay in the East and you have a much easier path to the Finals.' Will that necessarily be true with Boston or Philadelphia? There's not a young team like that in the West...

"I'm not sure LeBron knows what's going to do with this one."