The decision LeBron James made to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers went so far beyond basketball that he reportedly didn't even know David Griffin was their general manager when he re-signed in 2014.

James primarily met with Dan Gilbert to discuss returning to the Cavaliers.

"I'm just going to say, I don't like telling this story because it doesn't reflect well on David Griffin and it doesn't reflect well on LeBron in a weird way," said Brian Windhorst. "But the LeBron folks swear that he did not know who the general manager of the Cavs was when he signed, when he committed (in 2014).

"I find that very hard to believe LeBron doesn't know who the general manager is who oversees the team.

"They swear. When they say that, it's not meant to be an insult to David Griffin. The point that they're trying to make is he selected the Cavs for reasons that were not about ownership or the direction of the team. 

"This time I expect to be different because the competency of the management and ownership is going to be so important. Having said that, the concept that whoever is the general manager is will swing it (is wrong)."

James and Griffin ultimately worked well together and James voiced his support for Griffin when he parted ways with the Cavaliers last offseason.

Griffin has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Philadelphia 76ers' general manager vacancy. Griffin's relationship has been touted as a potential factor in James' decision, but James is believed to be more tuned into a team's ownership reputation.

Windhorst also touted James' familiarity with the Lakers' group of Magic Johnson, Jeanie Buss and likely Rob Pelinka as a plus for their meeting.

"Let's put it this way: the Lakers having the ability to bring Magic Johnson and Jeanie Buss into the room is a plus. I assume he knows Rob Pelinka. LeBron knows who runs the Lakers and owns the Lakers. And there's a comfort level there because his agent has spent the last nine months around the Lakers and did a huge deal for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. There's a familiarity level there.

"The question is going to be: LeBron's not going to go to the Lakers because Magic Johnson is a great individual. If he goes to the Lakers, it's going to be for what they can do for the rest of his career."