David West hinted at some internal issues within the Golden State Warriors following their Game 4 win to clinch the 2018 NBA championship.

“We just worked. Different guys throughout the year carried the load and helped us,” West said. “There were some things internally. When you guys find out about that s—, you’ll trip. You’ll trip. It’s a testament to the type of people these guys are, how tied we were as a group and then we were able to win it.”

Draymond Green was asked if this was the most difficult title for the Warriors to win.

“One hundred percent. It is not even close,” said Green.

While no Warriors would elaborate on West's comments, sources said at least two players fought through personal challenges this season.

Bob Myers described the entire season as “challenging.”

“Maybe it looked easy to you, but it was hard,” Myers said. “The record wasn’t as good as the last couple of years. Steve (Kerr) said before the season that this would be our toughest one ever. And it really was. We staggered into the playoffs coming off that blowout loss to Utah.

“We were not a one seed. We had never been a two seed. We had to win a Game 7 on the road. We had some injuries. Just the wear and tear of trying to do it four [straight] times in the Finals. But they stepped up at the end. The players got it done. It was a credit to them.”