Gordon Hayward provided an update on his recovery from a fractured tibia and dislocated ankle suffered on opening night in 2017.

Hayward said he's still on schedule to be ready for the start of next season but dealt with a "complication."

“I recently had surgery to remove the plate and screws that were put in my ankle after I broke it in the opener,” Hayward wrote. “It’s not something we were expecting to be a part of this recovery process, but I’m happy to report that I’ll be back out there resuming rehab soon, with my sights set firmly on being back to my usual self for the start of next season.”

Hayward provided more background on how the decision was made.

“I was also still having some pain on the outside of my ankle, kind of where the peroneal tendon is,” said Hayward. “I had been reporting back daily how I was feeling, and the team that I was working with in Indianapolis—along with the Celtics training staff—had surmised that it could be the hardware they put in during my initial surgery causing some irritation.”