The preferred destination of Kawhi Leonard remains one of the most hotly contested subjects amongst well-regarded members of the media.

Shams Charania reported on The Herd on Tuesday that the Clippers remained in the picture for Leonard following the arrival of LeBron James with the Lakers.

In a podcast on Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski indicated that Leonard now finds the Clippers less appealing with James joining the Lakers as he wouldn't want to play for the less glamorous franchise in Los Angeles with the game's biggest star on the Lakers.

Michael C. Wright went in the opposite direction on Thursday to indicate that Leonard now prefers the Clippers over the Lakers.

"The Lakers are not Kawhi's preferred destination anymore," said Wright on the Back to Back Podcast. "He wants to go to the Clippers. He doesn't want to go be second fiddle to LeBron. That's what I was told and I was told by somebody who would know. 

"Right now, the Clippers are where he wants to go.

"I talk to people within the Spurs organization and they're like 'Yeah, he wants to go to the Clippers but their assets are (expletive) at this point.' 

"I almost think there probably is going to be a dark horse team that nobody expected to come in and pull off that trade for Kawhi."

Wright added that once James went to the Lakers, it was reported that Leonard was open to re-signing with the 76ers if he's traded there.