The San Antonio Spurs continue to be in no rush to trade Kawhi Leonard as they wait for an offer they can't refuse or continue to hope to reconcile with Leonard.

"Who knows how the Kawhi situation will drag out?" said Brian Windhorst on The Hoop Collective. "My feel is that the Spurs' position on the trade essentially was 'alright, we'll now listen to offers and then we'll give you our offer.'

"But the trade pitches that they have made to Boston and Philly and L.A., and other teams maybe as well, were so ridiculous pie in the sky that they didn't even expect them to be taken seriously. Basically all these teams said 'get back to us when you're serious about trading him.'

"I don't think the Spurs have decided to trade him yet. I think until they decide to trade him and/or they get offered a package that's ridiculous, which I don't foresee, I think we're going to be in no-man's land."