Cris Carter has consistently been a source of reliable news on the Kawhi Leonard situation this year. Carter was represented by Mitch Frankel, who is also representing Leonard.

This week, there have been reports and speculation of a possible trade of Leonard to the Toronto Raptors.

“Nothing’s changed from Kawhi’s side from these standpoints: He still wants to go to Los Angeles, and he’s still not interested in being rented out for one season, so that being Philadelphia, Boston, Toronto or any other team," said Carter on Friday. "The thing that we should know is San Antonio has been in contact with Kawhi and his people, and they’ve told them that if something was to get real, real close, we’ll reach out to you. Well, it’s in their best interest and smart to reach out to him, and typically the other team that’s involved in the trade would be granted permission to reach out to the player that’s being traded. None of those things happened yesterday.”

Earlier in the week, Carter said Gregg Popovich gave Leonard the indication he would trade him.

“Kawhi, in meeting with Pop, Pop gave him every indication that he was going to trade him and he was going to try to make Kawhi happy,” Carter reported on Tuesday. “I never said that before, because I was holding it until now. So, all these discussions about Kawhi going to the East, I believe Popovich is trying to accommodate Kawhi and trying to please him.”